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Let life you yet enjoy

12 February
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"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." -Unknown

Jones Soda is love.

well what can i say. im a pretty down to earth person. sometimes im a little unsure of myself, but im working on that. i like to eat food. Tai, sushi, tacobell; anything new and authentic. im not going to school right now, im working two jobs. I just bought a car and am working on moving out in the heart of downtown sacramento with room mates i dont know. but im up for it.

I'm really shy, but given time, I'll open up.

my sexuality is something i dont affiliate with anymore. i dont question myself at all. i know who i am. i wouldnt call myself bisexual even though i have encountered both sexes, yet im not a lesbian. im just open and im not afraid to say it